The Issues

"I am a Nurse and a Case Manager, and Health Care is my priority issue!

I will fight for fully funding our Public School System--K through 12th Grade, College, and Trade Schools. I will work to increase the minumum wage to a Living Wage. I will make sure corporations are held accountable for polluting our environment and I will take action to stop the most harmful effects of Climate Change. I will fight against big money in politics. The list is long because our COMMUNITIES are in crisis.

There are so many issues that are very important but all I will serve in Tallahassee as a fighter for Economic, Environmental, and Social Justice.

Improve Healthcare Outcomes


Healthcare is a HUMAN RIght!

     As a medical professional, Guerdy has observed the direct impacts of the COVID-19 crisis for working people all over the country, especially in our Black and Hispanic communities. She has seen the disparities and discrimination within our healthcare system, both before and during the pandemic.
     As an expert who has been on the frontlines during the COVID-19 pandemic, Guerdy knows that we need to not only protect our elders but also secure access for children and college students to quality healthcare as a human right. She knows the value of mental health programs, crisis centers, and developing and funding healthcare community programs.


Healthcare is a complicated mess of funding, bureaucracy, and access. Improving Healthcare Outcomes IS a crucial part of securing justice for all.

Fully Fund Public Schools

Education is a foundation for better communities!

K-12 Education

     Guerdy Remy believes that it is well past time to provide the funding that Florida’s public schools deserve. To accomplish this, she seeks to end public, taxpayer funds to private and charter schools, which can be reinvested into public schools that Florida can be proud of. Guerdy believes that our teachers, support staff, and non-instructional personal demand livable, competitive salaries to attract and retain our best-qualified school faculty. Additionally, Guerdy seeks to end the ineffective system of high stakes testing that has burdened Florida’s students and instructors for far too long.


College and Trade Schools

     Regarding higher education, Guerdy Remy advocates for greater investments in our public colleges and universities. She aims to fully fund the Bright Futures program, as it is essential to providing all qualified university degree seekers with the opportunity to go to college, regardless of financial circumstances. Additionally, Guerdy will fight for free tuition at all Florida community colleges and certificate-based trade programs.


From auto-tech certificates to job-site training, education serves as a pathway to economic stability and justice for all Floridians.

Protecting Vulnearable Communities

People Over Profit!

Human Rights Protections

     Guerdy will put a stop to a legislature that values profits over human lives. Addressing Florida's vulnerable communities means protecting DACA and TPS residents, enforcing human rights protections for the LGBTQ+ community, fully enacting Amendment 4 to restore voting rights for returning citizens, fighting for reproductive healthcare rights and justice, ending police brutality and the cash bail system, and confronting attacks on those in our communities who need help the most.


Voting Rights and Confronting Systemic Racism

     Guerdy will push back against any laws that impede our right to vote. She will confront gerrymandering and unfair redistricting. As an advocate for Amendment 4, she will fight for all citizens to have their votes counted. From redlining to school admissions, Black, Brown, and Native communities face discrimination that will no longer be tolerated. Justice will be intersectional.


Environmental Justice

Guerdy supports protecting our environment by banning fracking, preserving our beaches, taking on climate change, and fighting back against corporations that pollute without consequence. For environmental justice, she will seek to develop solar initiatives, educate people to do their part, and tackle health crises that occur when pollution becomes toxic. She supports a comprehensive investment in our water and sewer infrastructure. She believes that we can no longer let Tallahassee destroy our natural and rural lands, threaten our endangered wildlife, and allow corporations to pollute our water.

Protecting our underprivileged and less fortunate will bring about true environmental justice for all.

Economic Justice

Florida's economy must work for everyone!

     As your State Senator, Remy will advocate tirelessly for economic justice for all Floridians. This begins with a commitment to raising the state minimum wage to $15 an hour, incorporating the automatic cost of living adjustments when necessary. She also stands in solidarity with a union’s rights to organize and collectively bargain for our worker’s best interests, especially when implementing protections against sexual harassment, unreasonable scheduling, and other forms of mistreatment from employers.


     Remy also believes that all Floridians have the right to affordable and adequate housing, and will work hard to ensure that all affordable housing initiatives in the state legislature are fully funded. She will also fight to enact rent control laws throughout the State and expand tenant’s rights.

Fighting for economic justice is one of many steps in helping Floridians achieve justice for all.

Ending Easy Access to Guns

The 2nd Amendment should not stop us from keeping our communities safe.

     As your Florida state senator, I will work alongside our legislative colleagues to sponsor, vote, and enact laws that will prevent unsafe people from having easy access to guns. She will seek to close the loopholes that grant same day gun purchases at gun shows and pawn shops. She also hopes to enact thorough background checks and a set waiting period with mental health assessment and gun safety training requirements. Gun safety legislation is not only aimed at preventing mass shootings, but also for curtailing the high rate of suicides, domestic violence, and shootings in vulnerable communities.

     She hopes to reintroduce any legislation banning assault weapons and regulating the amount of ammunition that can be purchased by an individual. She hopes to work on repealing the Guardian Program, which arms our educators and disregards the outcries of our community for more gun safety rather than gun proliferation.


Above all, Guerdy will vow a “no” vote on any legislation that does not protect our community from gun violence and the justice that all communities deserve.

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